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GENXT is a pioneering company in the adoption of Confidential Computing technologies in genomics. Our Confidential Computing Network enables privacy-focused multi-party data analysis. The first network application connects personal genomics companies for relatives search across databases without genetic data disclosure. The solution contributes to the GA4GH standards industry adoption.

Multi-party data analysis without data and code disclosure

Unlock the value of siloed data

GENXT delivers scalable solutions for multi-party data analysis that keep data, machine learning models, and computational results confidential by design of the technology

In genomics and precision medicine

Tailored for research organisations and infrastructures, biobanks, personal genomics companies, pharmaceutical stakeholders, and software vendors

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Confidential Cross-Database Analysis

Perform computations on data from multiple sources where each data controller independently manages collaboration policies and retrieves computational results only

Confidential Model Training

Train machine learning models on one or several data sources without seeing the data and disclosing both ML code and trained model

Confidential Model Licensing

Deploy machine learning models or software tools without their disclosure and the loss of control over their usage. Licensors have no access to the client input, are able to track usage statistics and deactivate the service when necessary

GENXT solutions are built on Confidential Computing and GA4GH standards

Data is always encrypted and undisclosed during storing, transferring, and processing

Fast processing of high-volume datasets

Compatible with a broad technology stack that facilitates a wide range of data processing scenarios including machine learning

Provides interoperability as it implements the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) API standards

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GENXT as part of leading communities

GENXT is proud to be a resident of the Wellcome Genome Campus in the UK, home to the world’s foremost organisations and institutions in genomics and computational biology.

As general member of the Confidential Computing Consortium and Linux Foundation, GENXT contributes to the adoption of confidential computing technology in genomics.

As a GA4GH member, GENXT endorses its best practices, policies, standards and frameworks with respect to handling highly sensitive data.

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